Book Two

Tuesday2Cove_WebsiterProfessor Tuesday’s Awesome Adventures in History, Book Two: Migrating to Michigan continued:

In Book Two of the Professor Tuesday series, readers will travel with several of Miss Pepper's students and Professor Tuesday as they dodge problems and overcome difficulties while learning firsthand how immigrants struggled to live and work in Michigan. Through it all, they discover that although people have many differences, they are all very much the same.

Recent Book Review:

Thanks so much for sending me a copy of Awesome Adventures in History. I had previously read Chief Pontiac's war. This new book did not disappoint me. Of course, last Sunday was a miserable wet day so it was a perfect day to go time traveling.  I was amazed at the number of simple facts woven into the story. Some of them I knew or knew about but the one about why some lakes are Lake So and So and others are So and So Lake was  brand new information for both me and my husband. I always learn something from children's books. This is a good first chapter book that I will be glad to recommend.

Dorothy @ Books & More
Albion, Michigan

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