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FDouglasB&WThe Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York provides an "AWESOME" review of "Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures in History: Book Three, The Underground Railroad.  Read review. new8

Awesome-Adventures-3I  wish Professor Tuesday had taught history in the school I attended and that he would teach a course today via Webcast. The first books in the series, Book One: Chief Pontiac's War and Book Two: Migrating to Michigan, were well written and informative. The stories must have been more than that because I snatched up the third book--The Underground Railroad--looking forward to another trip via the Tuesday Teleporter.

The author, Jeffery Schatzer, has discovered a captivating way to relate the happenings in our history, intertwining the past with present and even the future with the teleporter.  Be sure to read this book with your child--no children? Buy it for yourself. This engaging story is one for which you ignore household chores and, when you reach the last page, are sad that there isn't more to read.

“Tuesday" teacher/fan - February 2013

It was my great pleasure to have the opportunity to read book three of Professor Tuesday’s Awesome Adventures in History:  The Underground Railroad.  The author of this series of historic fiction is Jeffery L. Schatzer, an award-winning author of many highly creative books.

The Professor Tuesday series is geared to inspire a love of reading for our youth by providing an easy way to internalize historic events and issues by bringing them to vivid life with anecdotal fictional stories around historic facts.

Even as an adult reader, I found The Underground Railroad story to be an amazing page-turner.  It kept me on the edge of my seat and in the process, I learned so much more than I had previously known about the underground railroad and key players like Frederick Douglas during this critical time of our nation’s history.

I recommend the Professor Tuesday series and certainly book three: The Underground Railroad for young and old alike.  It would make a great summer-time read for your young reader.

Doug Brinklow - April 2012


My name is Traejon.  I met you at the book signing event at Pooh's Corner in Grand Rapids.  I am really excited to say that I have just finished reading your book The Underground Railroad. I think the book had many creative adventures in it, and left really good images in my mind. I also learned a lot about the Underground Railroad, and how many people strived to help slaves to freedom. For example, one of my favorite parts in the book was when Jesse and Tamika traveled back in time to visit Fredrick Douglass. I enjoyed this scene in the book because I learned a lot more about Fredrick Douglass and his life. I also learned about many people who helped slaves escape through the Underground Railroad to Canada. For example, George DeBaptist who was born a freed man in Virginia and was trained to become a barber ended up becoming a conductor on the Underground Railroad. He helped many escape to freedom, and was a very intelligent man. I look forward to reading more from this series.  Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you.

Traejon - April 2012


Professor Tuesday is one of the best books I have ever read, and believe me I have read a lot of books. I like how you make learning about the Underground Railroad fun. Most of my teachers couldn't even achieve that. This is a wonderful book that I think everybody needs to read.

Mrs. Johnson's class 2012


Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures In Time was excitement all the way through. I bet most people in Michigan don't even know half the knowledge in this book. All the research on the Underground Railroad was worth it! I've read many books and this is definitly one of the best I've read.

Mrs. Johnson's Class 2012


We loved your book and have learned so much from it. We never knew how much that Michigan was involved in the Underground Railroad. We really liked how in-depth the facts are about the Underground Railroad and how escaped slaves got to freedom. Our favorite character is Professor Tuesday's nephew Mr. Adams. It is really vital how he can operate the Tuesday Critter Cam and he's only seven years old! Mr. Adams knows sign language and he is so creative but he never talks. Mr. Adams is a memorable character that will always be a favorite.

Mitchell Kyle
Mrs. Johnson's Class 2012


We have just recently finished Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures in History, Book 3:The Underground Railroad. We would like to commend Jeffery L. Schatzer on this wonderful piece of art that was neatly formed into this book. Not only have we enjoyed this book, but we have learned a great deal about the Underground Railroad. This book is thrilling and always makes you wonder what is going to happen next. All the characters are very intelligent and unique in their own way. Professor Tuesday is very funny, or at least he thinks he is! This book is overflowing with adventure.

Professor Tuesday has a taste for history. He travels back in time to important parts of history for the learning experience and has fun along the way. Two kids, Jesse and Tamika go to Professor Tuesday to learn more about slavery and the Underground Railroad. Tamika is a scardy-cat, but she changes throughout the book in very unexpected ways. Together, they will go back in history to the time of horrid slavery. Will the girls be mistaken as slaves? Will anyone get injured, or worse? You will have to read the book to find out and go on an amazing adventure with them!

The book taught us history, in a way no teacher ever could. We're usually not history people, yet Mr. Schatzer hooked us in like a fish on a reel! We are begging you to keep writing these MARVELOUS books!

Thank you Mr. Schatzer!
Abbie, Casey, and Anna
Mrs. Johnson’s class 2012


I absolutely loved Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures in History. There was a lot of information that I did not know and was happy to learn. I also adored the creativity of the book, such as the skunk-cam and the Tuesday Teleporter. These things often made me laugh! Don't give up when things get tough, keep writing, you're very good at it.

Mrs. Johnson's class 2012


It definitely didn’t displease me—it was wonderful! I loved so much about it: the tough subject matter covered in a way that kids could deal with it; the fact that Tamika (and I can’t remember the boy’s name off-hand) were able to participate in history through time travel; the chapters were long enough to cover a topic, but short enough to hold interest; all of the background information on so many Underground Railroad participants; the coverage of particularly “gruesome” material in a way that kids could comprehend; a particularly nice touch that at times they were watching via the “critter cam” rather than in person.

It was a definitely an awesome way to bring difficult subject matter to a level that kids could understand. It was funny without making light of the subject, and informative without being morose. I give it big thumbs up!  Thanks so much for giving me a copy—if I were still in the classroom, I’d definitely be using it for instruction.

Bobbie Reiten
Education Consultant


I love the way you blended the history was amazing, and really made me forget I was actually learning something. I think that is key for young people these days. We live in a society where technology has taken over, so our youth's attention span is shot. This book is awesome! One part that stood out was when Tamika said "NO, YOU DON'T!" I love how you ended it with the Author's Notebook section. That's a wonderful tool for discussion and review. Overall, Ebert and Roeper told me to give you two thumbs up. I will definitely spread the word of this great piece of work!

Melvin Pruitt
Reading Advocate and Great Guy
Saginaw, MI   49615


It explains so many aspects of slavery and the Underground Railroad in a way any student can understand. I have recommended it to some of our teachers to present to their classrooms when they teach this subject.

Donna Wiley
Media Para-educator
Nickels Intermediate School


Where were all these books 70 years ago when I was in fourth grade? I read it with interest; my home town is even mentioned as a station on the underground, although most stories about stations in this area talk about neighboring Marshall. I enjoyed the cleverness with which the problems of dangerous travel were handled . . .

Dorothy Dickerson
Books & More
Albion, MI


Thank  you for sending me a copy of Professor Tuesday's Awesome Adventures in History The Underground Railroad. Where were all these books 70 years ago when I was in fourth grade! I read it with interest; my home town is even mentioned as a station on the underground, altho most stories about stations in this area talk about neighboring Marshall. I enjoyed the cleverness with which the problems of dangerous travel were handled. I didn't guess "skunk" when a disguise for the Critter Cam was discussed but "skunk" certainly was appropriate! The problems and dangers of a slave runaway were real and the underlying story of mistreatment of slaves gave a good reason why so many were willing to chance those dangers. The growth of the kids through experiencing the trips the Critter Cam made was believable. I learned a  great deal and will now be able to handsell the book as a chapter book with a story pertinent in our area.

Also, thank you for letting me know that Fires in the Wilderness is available is paperback. That is another book I can handsell and it also has a story pertinent for our area.

Dorothy @ Books & More
Albion, MI

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