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Awesome-Adventures-3Get ready for a dangerous journey into the past with Jesse, Tamika, Professor Tuesday, Mr. Adams, and others. Learn about the awesome and amazing history of the Underground Railroad, while you shake your I head at the crazy things that happen when friends get together.

This episode of the Tuesday trilogy begins when two classmates from Arrowhead School find Professor Tuesday in a full-blown tizzy. The good professor got himself into some serious trouble in the middle of one of the weirdest wars ever fought in history.  Jesse and Tamika want to learn about the western route of the Underground Railroad, but the professor has his concerns.

See how Professor Tuesday comes up with a crazy idea that allows everyone to use technology in order to travel back in time safely. Imagine the people they meet and listen in on the conversations they share.

Come on along. It will be an awesome ride! And educational, too!

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Jesse and Tamika want to learn about how slaves escaped to freedom along the western route of the Underground Railroad.  However, there is danger lurking in the past!  Professor Tuesday wonders how he will keep them safe as they explore history in his magnificent Tuesday Teleporter until he gets a crazy and wonderful idea.  But, do the two classmates have the courage to witness the terrors of slavery and the frightening run to freedom?

About the Author

Jeffery L Schatzer is Professor Tuesday. As an author, he is noted for creating unique characters that inspire learning and turn reading into a fun-filled adventure. An avid student of history, Jeffery brings the past to life in quirky and entertaining ways.

He has won numerous national and international awards for creativity. Recently, he was honored to have his book The Runaway Garden selected by the Library of Michigan Reads program as its One State, One look picture book for 2010. His stories are recognized for strong moral values and posiive life lessons and themes.

Jeffery and his wife, Deborah, live with their dogs, Dot and Doris, in the north woods, snugglied in the history of the Midwest.


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